Creative Director / Designer

San Francisco based designer and programmer specializing in user-centric websites, games, and user interfaces. Between projects I enjoy reading tech blogs, art tutorials, and figuring out where I'm going to eat next.

Design is communicating with your audience through a visual language of aesthetics and information architecture.

I love designing products that create the best experiences for people and I love technology. That's why I'm fascinated with web design, smart-phones, tablets, video games, and comic books.

I'm also really into movies and television but end up reading more about them then actually seeing them. Everyone tells me I have to see the "Wire." I also read a lot about nutrition and exercise.

Designer + Front End Developer = Problem Solver

Primary Skills and abilities

  • 14 Years Web Design Experience
  • User Centric UI + UX Design
  • Illustration + 3D Modeling

Additional Skills

  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript
  • WordPress Design/Development
  • Twitter Boostrap/Zurb.Foundation


Mastered Software

Featured Projects

Playstation 3 Dynamic Themes

Hoa the Artist